As I noted last time, I understand that the 3/4 classes are working to improve their writing. An improvement in writing should not (and I’m sure it is not) be confined to those children who experience difficulty in this are. Any child is in a position to make shifts in their range of skills and competencies over time.

Yesterday I attended a whole day Reading Recovery seminar devoted to the analysis of writing and the development of writing as a tool for use in the early years of schooling. It is vital that the skills involved in writing are highly regarded and attended to from the outset. Even before commencement of school children’s skills can be channelled. For example, we can refine manual and fine motor skills by encouraging the use of various play things expressly designed to promote the skills of handwriting.

According to research it is estimated that by the age of 8 years 50% of a child’s day at school is occupied in writing. If that child is unable to write with any degree of expertise how is he to spend his time profitably.

Collaborations with Level 3 students

Dear Level 3 Students,
I am contacting you because I have heard that you are working very hard to improve your Writing skills.
I am pleased to hear this because I am very interested in Reading and Writing. I would love to hear from some of you about this area of your learning.
I would especially love to hear from the students who did Reading Recovery with me when they were in Grade 1. I may be able to make some suggestions that could help you to have a clearer understanding of your work.

Best wishes, Mrs. Fay.

Today I am starting my blogging journey which is to set up commmunication with the Foundations classes and the 3/4 classes.
Today I have briefly interacted with the 3/4 teachers in an endeavour to discover where their interests lie. I have discovered that they are attempting to lift the academic learning levels of their students…….to engender a more assertive interest in work habits…….by introducing them to blogging as a means of communication and a way of eliciting a more careful attitude to their work.

Vision Statement 2013


  My vision for 2013 is to provide the nurturing support to all in my care to develop a true love of  Literacy and the essence of learning, so that life long goals can be set and achieved.


My  2013 vision is such because I believe that it is important to adhere to standards of excellence so that each student is able to achieve their personal best, to be guided by an objective outlook and to maintain an open mind.